Hotel Toyo in Osaka, Thoughts…

Okay! So let’s talk about the place we stayed in Osaka!! It’s called Hotel Toyo. Now for a single room the price we paid for it was off the charts. But man soon as we entered the building, shivers. It literally looked like a scene out of a horror movie, the hallways that is, nope wait, so did the showers and toilets too. Girls and guys share the same toilets as in there is not isn’t a bathroom for guys and one for girls, we share the same thing and other than the door to your stall, there’s no door to the bathroom. There’s just a curtain that divides you from the hallways.

My story.

First morning there, I woke up and went to brush my teeth in the bathroom. A I was brushing my teeth, this guy came and went straight to the urinal to go and pee. FYI, the urinals don’t have walls to block it, so it’s basically him peeing nonchalantly beside me. AS I BRUSHED my teeth! Man I booked that shizz.

My scared and I were too afraid to sleep to sleep in our rooms by ourselves so she brought her futon into my room and we slept together lol. My other friend wanted to come in too, but there was no space. I was going to make space for her but she refused. (:[)

Let’s see, my friend’s Iphone got jacked in the common area. I know that this might surprise you, people stealing in Japan, but don’t worry. It’s because most of the people there were foreigners. I say this because Japan’s crime rate is very low and unlike other countries, when you leave your wallet in a shopping center, most likely it will be there when you come back. Or the owners of that place will find a way to get it back to you.

No coolers, and it was a HOT ass summer, let me tell you that. If you plan to stay at this hotel, get the AC rooms, there only like two or three dollars more. Yah, I’m cheap. I’m a cheap college student!!! Sue me!!! Actually don’t, I don’t have money to afford a lawyer, well I could always get probono haha.

The other foreigners were really cool by the way, ended up getting to know one from Australia really well. We hung out with her a day going to Umeda sky building. Also, met another girl from Seoul, South Korea. Hopefully she comes back to Japan while I’m here so we can go out to karaoke like I promised. I LOVE YOU FACEBOOK!!


Osaka Craze

Sorry but I’mma have to make a time machine. Before talking about the present I’m going to have to talk about the past because I need to catch up on that. Let’s start with Osaka.

I guess Osaka was my favorite place out of Kyoto and Osaka lol. The night life was bustling and unlike Kyoto, the trains did not stop round ten. Dotonburi was my favorite hangout. Dotonburi is a shopping place, but it has food, arcades, my new FAV, entertainment places (do like the movies? Or host clubs?), and even the famous Glico man. Standing on that bridge was my favorite part of Osaka because it felt nice to be on top of something amazing. I don’t know how to explain it but on that bridge was all kinds of people and it made me happy to stick out as Kimberly, the girl from California. 

In Osaka we went to Den Den Town, which is a famous place for electronics, kind of like Tokyo’s Akihabara. It was there that I found my adapter for America’s three edged plug, the one for HP laptops. Yah, before coming here I do recommend that you buy your own adapter, especially if you have a laptop that needs it because in Japan they go by the two hole plugs (T_T). Another place we went to was Osaka castle and Umeda sky building. Both places were lovely, except the constant rain that poured down on my friend and I, which left us trapped in a shrine for almost two hours. We didn’t have umbrellas and usually I would say, “A little rain doesn’t hurt,” but that saying did not goes with the rain that was taking place. It was literally like taking a shower outside. And the rain wasn’t just flowing straight down; it was going in all sorts of directions. But hey, that shrine was beautiful. I sang the whole time.

Highlight of Osaka.

This one night, my friends and I were looking for a bar, but of course not knowing Osaka we didn’t know where to go. I mean there were a ton of izekaiyas but we didn’t have the money for that shizz. You have to pay a sitting fee on top of the charge for your drinks. That’s why we’d rather go to bar and just pay for the drinks instead. SO what did we do? We asked a group of ladies walking our way for where we could find a good bar. They told us to follow them.

And we did, follow them that is.

Turns out one of them spoke excellent English. They were wedding planners and they just got off of work. some were going home, but because my friends and I were there they ended up staying with us at the bar. A cute guy came to talk to us. And the English speaking girl kept telling him I was single and shy and she kept telling me that I should get a Japanese boyfriend lol. Yeah, um he said I was cute he-he.

I made videos for Osaka so please check them out. (>3<)