Applying for the Gilman Scholarship

Me explaining about the Gilman scholarship!!


AKB48 Phenomenon

I don’t know what was up with AKB48 in Japan, but let me tel you, they’re really popular. Most of the popularity is with men because they are always dancing around with little clothes on and are just really cute, which fits into Japan’s “kawaii culture”.  I not going to lie when I say that I kind of like their music…maybe a lot lol, but I just don’t like the concept of wearing such little amounts of clothes and selling those pictures of themselves. Everyone should know that idols in Japan are a big market, but when you see old men in stores looking at AKB48’s picture in the store, which the members range from 12+up, it’s kind of nasty lol. Here is one of their biggest songs!! Enjoy!!

Drinking in Japan: The HUB

ImageI never really drank before I went to Japan because I just never really thought it was something I would do, but living in a foreign country can change that for a person!! I wanted to recommend one of my favorite drinking spots for you guys. It’s called, “The HUB”.

The Hub, from 4-7pm (weekdays), has something very amazing called, “Happy Hour”.  Drinks during that time cost from $3-$5 and even more I believe. But that only depends on what you’re getting. The price is higher for drinks, but it all depends on what you buy.

The style of the HUB is like a pub. It really does have a foreign feel to it. There’s sports on the teli, the whole place is covered in dark wood, flags of different counties, flags and posters of sport teams, and the music is usually varied in different genres. It’s a really chill vibe you get from this place and it’s a great place to hang with friends on a Friday after a test, on the weekend, and with coworkers.

I love the HUB and I totally recommend it. It’s like everywhere, especially in Tokyo: Shibuya, Shinjuku, you name it!! Oh and they have delicious food!!! 

The Cousin in Japan Part 6: Tokyo Tower

My cousin told me that one of her favorite places was Tokyo Tower. We went there at night and it was pretty crowded but not that crowded. It was a good crowded lol. It was about $25 dollars American money in total to go to the main observation deck and also the highest deck and when you get up there the view is amazing. Although it was at night, I really enjoyed it, I’m not going to lie. We were kind of out of it because we both caught a small cold but we had a good time.

We had to wait about 45 minutes until our number showed up on the screen to be able to go to the highest observation deck, but during that time there is much to do. Well, not much but a good amount. There was a DJ playing there and they were also chatting and stuff. The music they were playing was all in Japanese and it was some weird techno-kiddy stuff so it wasn’t to my liking. I mean, I do like Japanese music but the stuff they were playing was blah….

But don’t worry there, there’s views to see and a restaurant to eat at. OMG, I don’t know if it was because we went there on an empty tummy, but the sandwiches they served there was BOMB.COM. No lie yo. We also treated ourselves to some ice cream for dessert.

FUNNY STORY: After our numbers were called to go to the highest observatory, we up went up and hand to wait in line to go up in this elevator that takes you there. We got up to the front of line but the worker-lady  stops us right at the front and let’s that elevator go up. I said to Nyambura, “What if when the next elevator comes down she only puts us on then let’s us go up by ourselves?” Bwahahahaha!! It was so funny. We were like the only black people in there so people kept staring at us and from the stereotypes of black people that the Japanese have of us, I wouldn’t be surprised if some people were scared. Thus, if they did shut the elevator after only letting us in, it would have been messed up. Of course I was just joking but we were cracking up about it sooo much. Ahhhh Good times :]

The Cousin in Japan Part 5: Sakura and Ginza

Even though most of the palace grounds were closed when she came, I think something that needs to be highly highlighted during our time there was the cherry blossoms. In Japanese they call it “sakura”, which means “cherry blossoms”. The sakura in Japan bloom at different times depending on where one is in Japan and when my cousin was visiting, not many of them were blooming, but the one’s in the palace were beautiful.

I think we ended up going to Ginza that day, which is like the Beverly Hills of Tokyo. There’s nothing but expensive shops and expensive looking folks, walking around in their business suits and brand named clothing, Coach and Prada bags. Man…every time I went to that city I felt poor. But people, people, people, money isn’t everything. Believe me. AND IF you make it everything you are only setting yourself up for unhappiness.  That’s just my opinion though. ;]

Because it was colder than the North Pole we ended up just going to McDonalds and staying there for the whole time. So basically we went all the way to Ginza to relax in McDonalds. It was a waste of money but we had a lot of good laughs, which in the end is way more important than any amount of money.

Osaka Craze

Sorry but I’mma have to make a time machine. Before talking about the present I’m going to have to talk about the past because I need to catch up on that. Let’s start with Osaka.

I guess Osaka was my favorite place out of Kyoto and Osaka lol. The night life was bustling and unlike Kyoto, the trains did not stop round ten. Dotonburi was my favorite hangout. Dotonburi is a shopping place, but it has food, arcades, my new FAV, entertainment places (do like the movies? Or host clubs?), and even the famous Glico man. Standing on that bridge was my favorite part of Osaka because it felt nice to be on top of something amazing. I don’t know how to explain it but on that bridge was all kinds of people and it made me happy to stick out as Kimberly, the girl from California. 

In Osaka we went to Den Den Town, which is a famous place for electronics, kind of like Tokyo’s Akihabara. It was there that I found my adapter for America’s three edged plug, the one for HP laptops. Yah, before coming here I do recommend that you buy your own adapter, especially if you have a laptop that needs it because in Japan they go by the two hole plugs (T_T). Another place we went to was Osaka castle and Umeda sky building. Both places were lovely, except the constant rain that poured down on my friend and I, which left us trapped in a shrine for almost two hours. We didn’t have umbrellas and usually I would say, “A little rain doesn’t hurt,” but that saying did not goes with the rain that was taking place. It was literally like taking a shower outside. And the rain wasn’t just flowing straight down; it was going in all sorts of directions. But hey, that shrine was beautiful. I sang the whole time.

Highlight of Osaka.

This one night, my friends and I were looking for a bar, but of course not knowing Osaka we didn’t know where to go. I mean there were a ton of izekaiyas but we didn’t have the money for that shizz. You have to pay a sitting fee on top of the charge for your drinks. That’s why we’d rather go to bar and just pay for the drinks instead. SO what did we do? We asked a group of ladies walking our way for where we could find a good bar. They told us to follow them.

And we did, follow them that is.

Turns out one of them spoke excellent English. They were wedding planners and they just got off of work. some were going home, but because my friends and I were there they ended up staying with us at the bar. A cute guy came to talk to us. And the English speaking girl kept telling him I was single and shy and she kept telling me that I should get a Japanese boyfriend lol. Yeah, um he said I was cute he-he.

I made videos for Osaka so please check them out. (>3<)