Gilman Scholarship

About the Gilman:

Funds worldwide study abroad trips for undergraduates in the US with scholarships that range up to $8,000!!

How to be eligible:

  • Must receive the Pell grant
  • Must be studying abroad in a country not on the US department’s Travel Warning list
  • Must be studying abroad in a country for more than 4 weeks
  • Has to be applying has been accepted into a study abroad program

How peeps are picked

  • Demonstrates high financial need
  • Come from diverse ethnic backgrounds
  • Students with disabilities
  • Studying in countries that are not common like, outside of western Europe, New Zealand, and Australia
  • Comes from different academic institutions

Personal Thoughts/How it has helped me:

The Gilman was a life saver. Without it, my experience in Japan would have probably been very mediocre and I would always be worrying about money so much that I wouldn’t have had as much fun as I had so far. For me, the Gilman is helping me by paying for most of my living expenses, room and board, which was the problem I was going to face of I didn’t have the Gilman. Without the Gilman, Japan wouldn’t be possible at all.

How you can fund your study abroad trip:

All you have to do really is write an “excellent” essay. Now I emphasize “excellent” because it’s true. This is a paper that will determine if you can receive $5000-$8000 or not. Don’t half ass it. Take your time and really think about what you want to put in there and get some help from your English teachers for the grammar mess ups. My English teacher helped me a lot, without her corrections, which were many; I might not have received the Gilman. So make your essay “excellent” okay. That’s all I can really say.

How to contact me for questions:

You can either contact me via this blog, on Youtube, or on Facebook. I’m creating a Facebook solely for my Japan study abroad trip for people like you, people with questions, to get in contact with me.

Youtube Address:

Facebook: Look up “Kimberly Kayla”



5 thoughts on “Gilman Scholarship

    • Hello!

      To get into this college you have to find a study abroad program that is affiliated with this school. I personally went through my school’s UCEAP program to study there. So, you have to go to a UC in California to be able to go to ICU through my program. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any programs that have a partnership with ICU, so search!! Try out If you’re looking to go to Japan to study there in General, I recommend going with USAC. Their year programs with Japan were quite cheap compared to the $32-36,000 I had to pay to study at ICU in Tokyo. Although the USAC programs are not in Tokyo, they do offer Osaka, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. Please take a look at those. They are way more affordable than may study abroad programs to Japan. Also I personally don’t know about their program from a personal experience, but from what I was reading it sounded good and studying abroad is always what you make it. Try to look up on Youtube videos for USAC Japan.

      I hope this helps! Please ask me more if you’d like!

      Kimberly Kayla

  1. Hi Kimberly,

    I actually left a comment on one of your vids about this but…eh xD I’m thinking of applying for the Gilman for a study abroad program in Spain this summer. I qualify for prety much everything except that I’m not going out of western Europe. Ultimately, I do want to go to Japan (maybe not as a student though; perhaps an ALT or something since I’m planning on being an elementary teacher anyway).Do you think that’ll that hurt my chances? Has any one of your friends or family had this dilemma as well?


    • HEY!! Spain sounds awesome!! But what do you mean not going out of Western Europe? As long as you are studying abroad in a place other than in the US and US territories, it should be fine lol. Do I think what will hurt your chances?


    Hey Stephanie! At the moment, my webcam is malfunctioning, so…I will have to write you this instead.
    1. No, there are no programs to Japan where dorms and everything are free and the only thing you have to pay for is your flight there and extra expenses.
    a. There was something like this in Taiwan for summer last year. It was hosted by the Taiwanese government and the purpose was basically an exchange of cultures. I believe they hosted this in hopes of putting Taiwan on the map for more tourism and as a popular study abroad destination to learn about Taiwanese culture and traditional Chinese (kanji/speaking).
    b. It is possible for Japan to do this as well, so check on the Japanese consulate website for anything like this.
    2. I only had one year of Japanese study before I left.
    3. AND PEOPLE won’t judge you because of your race!!! LOL you should watch my “Being Black in Japan” video. It should help you out a bit on where gaijin stand in Japan. Also check other people out as well.
    Here are my tips for you.
    1. Considering you’re a junior, you have to look right now at the study abroad programs in Japan offered by your school (your home institution). Deadlines should be coming up by the end of November for year programs so look ASAPPPP.
    a. This is only if you are trying to go during your senior year.
    2. If your school does not offer a study abroad program for Japan, you’re going to have to look at third party study abroad sites: For example: USAC. (Type it in google)
    a. If you find a study abroad program through a 3rd party S. Abroad provider, you’re going to have to consult with you study abroad office on campus to talk about getting finaid to cover the costs of your program
    3. I do recommend that you go with a program your school offers because that way you get more financial aid. Like sometimes your school offers you free money for studying abroad. Not FREE money, but just gives you a bigger finaid package to study abroad.
    a. I also recommend going with your school’s program because most likely the classes you take there can count for something back at your H.institution (e.g Major requirements/ gen. ED requirements).
    4. I say, as soon as the weekend ends, go your school’s study abroad office and tell them what you want. No one should know more about getting you to study abroad than them.
    I hope this helps!!!! Give me updates!! And ask away if you have more questions ;]

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