Clubbing in Japan

Hey you guys,

I actually made a video on this subject, so if you want more information on this please take a look at it. What this blog entry is about is giving you guys a couple of places and clubs to check out when you’re in Tokyo. Hope this helps!


Atom, GasPanic, Scramble

Scramble is a café/bar. Once it hits 10 or 11 this place gets pretty hyper. ADD sh*t man. It’s a great place to chill before the last train home and it is literally across the street from the station so now worries on time aye?


Vibration, Jumanji, Gaspanic Club (not bar!!)(Next to T.G.I. Fridays)

Jumanji is always Jumping and they have a good crowd; a good mix of ages, but mostly 28 and down. It’s hard to get in here without an ID of being 20, but if you’re a girl, dress f*cking up, like to the point even girls are saying damn~ at you and you’ll get in haha. AKA wear heels.

Gaspanic Club: Even though this place is Gaijin central haha, you guys will have a GREAT time. The music here is always BOMB.COM and it has a great mix of ages. I had most of greatest clubbing memories here.

You guys, there’s obviously more clubs you can check out in Tokyo, but I’m only giving you info on the ones I have been to and know is actually kind of good.

Best of Luck to your time in Japan!!


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