Applying for the Gilman Scholarship

Me explaining about the Gilman scholarship!!


7 thoughts on “Applying for the Gilman Scholarship

  1. Hi there! I really love your blog, it made me more sure that I definitely want to visit Japan when I graduate in 2014. 😀 I am currently looking at a few programs now and was extremely happy to learn of the Gilman Scholarship to add to my list of things to apply for. ;b
    I just wanted to know if you have any advice for someone hoping to visit Japan for the first time. What are good cities/regions to look into for a first time traveler? I’m sorry for the lost comment, I’m just so curious! ^_^

    • Thank you very much!!

      If you mean for travel, there’s a ton of places I recommend lol. But in Tokyo:
      -Harajuku, Shibuya, Yoyogi, Kichijoji(where the Ghibli Museum is!!), ASAKUSA!! my favvv, Roppongi (clubbing galore ^^), Ginza (Tokyo’s beverly hills haha), Of course!! Tokyo, Tokyo (Imperial palace), SKYTREE, Tokyo Tower…

      Lot’s of places haha

  2. Hi Again. 🙂

    I have another question about the application process; right now I’m working on my statement of purpose and follow-on project. I looked around to get a feel of what a competitive essay would have, and some said that the examples the Gilman website offered for the project were not the best to choose from. I actually wanted to do one they had listed, a K-12 outreach, since I’m planning on becoming an elementary teacher anyway. I think it’s something I would actually enjoy doing bus I’m a little hesitant now. What do you think? (Thanks in advance, and sorry for the length LOL)

  3. Thank you! I’m actually looking into a few programs to apply for–each to last a year–and I was wondering on good places to live for my first time there. I’m a bit nervous, but very excited to look into possible cities!

    • For living there I don’t recommend any place I wrote except Kichijoji lol. Price wise and atmosphere wise it’s just a lot better to adjust to versus straight up city and every one awake 24-7 lol. But I also recommend Mitaka, Musashi-sakai, which is where ICU s located. Its a great city and more warm to me…but if you’re going to be living in a guest house then I recommend the other cities as well. In guesthouses you will meet lots of people 24-7 and peace and quiet doesn’t really follow there lol. But you will have a great time wherever you choose ^^.

      BUT if you are going with a program, I recommend you look into the types of housing they are offering you. lol. It’s a lot easier and they will be looking at reasonable prices for you as well as places close to your school.

      Hope this helps!!!

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