The Cousin in Japan Part 4: Shin Okubo, Kabukicho, Shinjuku

That morning, when we returned from Roppongi, we saw this guy with dreds in the computer room. We saw him earlier that day at Gaspanic. He laughed to ourselves, what if the guys we met that night were staying at our hostel? Bwahahaha, funny, right?

So the next morning, we go downstairs to put on our shoes. Asian manners, no shoes pass the front door. I could hear he had an accent, it was an Australian accent. This whole time I was putting on my shoes I was like who the fuhhh is this fine guy talking to my cousin? And just as I was about to introduce myself, someone taps me on the back, and as soon as I turn around he waves at me and says, “Hey, you know I never got your name,” with like the cutest smile ever. Inside I was going nuts in my closet but on the surface I was cool and relaxed and said, “Kim.”

Can you see the reason why a girl could be so nutty in joy at this point?? Basically, what are the chances that the guy you met last night and a fun time with would end up changing to your hostel the next the day?? Well the chances are effin’ small. So yah…I was extra happy. I left the hostel smiling and the whole day I was jumping for joy and my cousin was also very happy because his brother was very handsome.

BTW I’m leaving some stuff out…but hey…some things are better kept private.

I don’t remember what exactly we did that day, but I think I took her to Shin Okubo (Korea Town) for some dopoki, this rice food-thing, then we walked to Kabukicho (Host Club Central), then from there we walked to the Shinjuku. A thing about Shin Okubo, I think the only hire fine ass Korean guys to work at cafes there because every waiter I passed by was hot. I mean lets be honest here, it a good sales strategy. Girls want to come to café where hot guys are serving them, you know?

About Kabukicho, it’s nothing but love hotels, some clubs, and hostel clubs. It was very funny. The sign for the love would read “rest or stay”, and rest is only for a couple of hours and it’s way cheaper than the stay which is an all night thing. But I heard that even though those are love hotels people who are looking for a nice place to stay during their time in Tokyo also stay there. And I could see why judging from the photos they have of the rooms outside.


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