The Cousin Comes to Japan Part 3: Her First Time Clubbing

Gaspanic Shibuya was Nyambura’s first time clubbing in Japan, but we didn’t stay there for long. We ended up going to Roppingi. Roppongi is the red light district of Tokyo, but for the young it is also known as the clubbing district of Tokyo. We ended up going to Gaspanic there and my cousin had all the guys and girls on her lol. Everyone was calling her “Nikki Minaj” all night long because of her big natural African booty. Lol. It was so funny. This Japanese guy was dancing with her and his hands were all on her booty!! I was like look at the Japanese guy getting some Gaijin (foreigner) booty lol.

We had a good time I’m not going to lie. We pre-gamed at the conbini (Convenience store) with some “Sparks” and some strong zero I believe, but we also bought drinks inside the club, which was Gaspanic Roppongi. I really favor this one. Why? It’s just more popping and there’s a more diverse set of people there. You would probably really like Roppongi and I do recommend you go there if your stop is Tokyo. It’s a good time, I promise. 

Also Strong Zero is nasty as FUHHHH, but it does the job lol.

It’s was towards the end of the night, so funny, my friend and I were sitting at the bar dead tired, and my cousin was leaning on the bar because she didn’t have seat. I offered but she was like, “It’s cool.” So this guy, blonde hair blue eyes, comes out of crowd and asks me to dance with his hand out to me. I was so tired I really didn’t want to dance, so I looked over at my cousin so tiredly and was like, “Nyambura, go dance with him.” And she was like, “No, he just asked you.” I looked back at him tired as fuhhhh to hear him ask again to dance. I sighed, gave him my hand for him to pull me up and begin to dance with each other.

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t danced with many white guys in my time, haha I’m only 20, but he was on point!!! You know what I hate the most at the club?? It’s when you’re dancing with a guy and he’s off beat and you’re trying to put him on beat but he’s just not getting it. It makes the girl look bad! You know what I’m saying?? But any ways, he was on it. Long story short, we had a GREAT time. Ke ke ke…

My cousin and I were so tired when we got on the train that we fell asleep and woke up in “Inyuyasha Land”, or so my cousin calls it. If you guys don’t know, Inyuyasha is an anime about a half demon who goes on the search for the sacred jewel shards with Kagome, I girl from the future. I woke up to my cousin’s snoring, and it was snowing! Mind you we were wearing light layers of clothing. Oh another funny note –Nyambura had her boobs all out on the train without noticing. She blamed me for not telling her, but hey, it’s not like I look down girls chests so often to notice such things.

Once we got back to our correct station, we accidentally came out of wrong exit, and ended up on this blue bridge instead of the red one that we were supposed to be on. We had one umbrella and it was snowing, but luckily I have good memory. We found the hostel in no time. BUT DAMN WAS IT COLD!!

Please read on because the story continues!!! 😀


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