The Cousin Comes to Japan Part 2: Harajuku, Meiji Shrine, Shibuya

It was raining and cold the whole time there, but that didn’t stop my cousin and I from having a good time. I wanted to show her Harajuku, Meiji Shrine, and Shibuya on the first day and that’s what we did. I think it’s because of celebrities like Paris Hilton, Gwen Stephani, and Lady Gaga, that harajuku get popularized so much in the states, especially in terms of fashion which in that case is a worldwide thing. She told me she loved it and the people there were very nice to us. We also went on a shopping spree at Forever 21.

Fact about Forever 21 and H&M Tokyo: It’s almost the exact same layout as the stores in the states but the styles there cater to Tokyo Fashion. For example, Forever 21 in the states caters to a more simplistic style while the ones in Tokyo is more gaudy with lots of bright colors and patterns.

All I have to say about Meiji shrine when it’s raining is that it’s really beautiful. The green in the trees were luscious that I felt we were in a different world. Also, if you haven’t drunk water in a while after walking around for hours, the purified water from the springs tasted like heaven. If people weren’t there I probably would have drunk some more. Lol and so would my cousin.

After Meiji, because I was being stupid, we ended up taking a different exit out of the shrine and it lead us to some place in Shibuya, but this is one of the beauties of Japan: The usage of maps and how close the buildings are to each other. The maps are legit, and they are really good. It was a good detour and it did not take us long to get back to Harajuku.

After Harauku we went to Shibuya and I showed her the infamous crossing. The best place to view this at is at the Starbucks in the second floor of the Tsutaya Building. Tsutaya is a store that caters to media related products: CDs, Videos, games, etc.

We ended up going to Gaspanic that night, then out to Roppongi. Let me tell you the story.


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