The Cousin Comes to Japan Part 1 (March 8th-March 18th)

Spring Break at ICU started from the end of February to the second week of April, so yah we had almost a month and three months off for spring break. It was pretty awesome. One of the things that happened during my spring break that I want to share with you is my cousin coming to Japan.

Her name is Nyambura and she’s one year younger than me. It was first time coming to Japan, not knowing much of the language at all, so I decided to stay at the hostel with her. It was called, “Asakusa Smile.” It’s located near the heart of Asakusa, near Sensoji temple. I can honestly say that After my time there, Asakusa became one of my favorite places in Tokyo.  The hostel was a pretty chill place. There was a bar in the dining/chill area and upon arrival you get one free drink. They didn’t even ask for ID, which was pretty funny. She’s only 18 and I was 19 at the time. But that’s the beauty of Japan.

It was our first time ever staying in a hostel so we decided to sleep in the same bed. We were also in the 10 bed mixed dorm where males also stayed at so we were scared. Lol. We used to extra sheet that would have been for my bed as a curtain to hang over the bunk. She came during the cold season and since I had the window and she kept stealing the blankets at night, it’s no wonder I was sick on and off our ten days there.


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