Life Until February

Oh man, I am sooo not keeping up with this blog like I promised lol. But it’s now February in Tokyo. Valentines day is just around the corner, so everyone is starting to pair up with a loved one. I answer that thought floating in the back of your mind, yes, no, not me. Lol, but I will be making some cookies for my friends.

I don’t remember the specific day but it was probably the second week of January, but hey, it snowed. For some people it was their first time seeing snow, but for me, I wasn’t. However, it was still very magical.

The end of the quarter is coming up again and I still find myself struggle with JLP. Not with the fact that it’s hard or anything, but like I say again, the classes are just too DAMN long. I probably missed closed to the amount of classes we are allowed to miss for it. Haha. Hence, I will stop missing classes, since attendance counts for a pretty big percent of your grade, unlike many classes in the US lol.

I have been party toooooo much man. I swear every weekend I go drinking and clubbing. I went two days in a row once, Roppongi, then Shibuya. Yes, I got sick lol. Like literally, I came down with a cold. And I’m actually tired of clubbing. The place I go to in Shibuya is called GASPANIC. May be you have heard of it. If you come to Japan and you want to go to a 18 and under club, Gaspanic is the club to go to. BUT I go there too many times and really I just want to throw up now. I swear the people there know my face and friends’. Lol One time they were like, “Okaeri.” Which means, “Welcome home,” in Japanese lol.


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