So I guess it’s a big tradition in Japan to visit a shrine on New years. Even to stay out at night on the 31st of December until the New year came. My friends and I went clubbing on that day and spent our new years in the subway. Yip-PEE. T_T

That was sarcasm by the way.

We did end up going to a shrine though, however, not on the first. We went on the 2nd to Meji Shrine. It’s a very famous shrine located in Harajuku. We came close to the closing time so may be that’s why they moved the lines so fast but, there was still a ton of people present. It took about 30-40minutes for us to reach the shrine and make our wishes.

After making our wishes we headed to the charms and fortunes area and received our fortunes. May be you have heard of this before, but if you get a bad fortune you’re suppose to tie it on the rope like thing. Sorry but I have no photos of that. For the longest time, I thought I recieved a bad fortune. Because my friends and I could not understand the fortune that well (It was in Japanese), we asked a guard to read mind. Basically he replied to me with “Kiosukete,” which means, “Be careful” in English. I was going to tie it on the fence, but I was hesitant to since I myself did not know what it read, so I asked another lady. She told me that it’s only bad if I think it is bad, and I should tie it up if I think I should tie it up. Well obviously I didn’t know what the fortune said, thus I did not tie it up.

I was very happy that I didn’t tie it up, because my Japanese teacher told me the meaning behind the fortune, which wasn’t bad at all. It was more like, “Think about the things you,” kind of thing. Overall, it did not have a negative vibe to it.

That guard. SMH (>___<)

But in all truth. Thank you kind lady. ❤

WARNING!! Be aware of your belongings while in crowded places for New Years shrine events like Meji. There are pick-pocket-ers ready to pick pocket!!! OR….so we heard.


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