The Club I Joined

Clubs are the recommended way for one, especially foreign students, to make friends in Japan at their academic institutions. I myself joined one. It was called, “Clumsy Chorus”, and it was a choir group. I love to sing so I wanted to join a group to do just that. Unfortunately, the meetings were three times a week from about two hours to two hours and a half every meeting. because school in Japan was a bit difficult for me, taking a hard core Japanese Language program, I really couldn’t come often, probably only once a week. Everyone in the club was so nice to me and very friendly. I tried my best to speak to them in the little Japanese I know and they did their best to respond and sometimes they even spoke in English when I really couldn’t understand. Heads up, when you come to ICU, most of student body knows English so don’t feel bad if you’re not so good in the language yet.

Clumsy Chorus was fun, but because they had a concert coming up next year January, they added an extra practice on Saturdays. Things just started getting too hectic for me. I really couldn’t juggle school with the club. The way I saw it, everyone was working so hard for the greatest outcome of this concert, they come to every practice and are always on top of everything. Then you have me, someone who can only come once a week. Someone they have to keep teaching the new parts they learn because I can never get it and never know since I rarely came to practice. I just felt so bothersome to them. Of course they probably were not thinking the thoughts I was, but I really couldn’t help but continue to think about the burden I was being to them. I just felt that I couldn’t give them the 110% they wanted or that I wanted to give to them, so I quit.

And in all truth I felt good about it, after it was all said and done. I focused on my studies, had more time to devote myself to them, and came out with very good results for my grades.

Sometimes people, you really just have to do was you got to do. I mean it does feel bad, to give in and fall, but falling is not always a bad thing, especially if the plan is to pick yourself up right after you hit the ground. In all truth I felt like a loser dropping the club, but I’m all truth it really did help me in the long run.

I love Clumsy Chorus and even though I’ m not part of the club anymore I do plan to support them in their concert.


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