My Thoughts After Volunteering at Ishinomaki

Thinking about the future scares me,
Because there are so many paths I could take;

Paths that make sweet melodies making me feel at ease;

Paths that make my ear drums go BOOM on the verge of exploding and bleeding out, but excites me just thinking about the difficulties ahead.
I want to make the people, who sacrificed their happiness of their young dreams for my sake,

Smile with relief that I will be successful, So I strive to reach the sunset which I will never touch because is it untouchable.How troublesome reality is.Tell me, Is it so bad to just sit and watch, the orange sphere of hot gas before me give warmth to my brown skin in the world where people aimlessly follow the back of the one who is in front?Is it so horrid that I rather walk than run, or is time really of the essence?

The future scares me, and that is true.

It’s true because I am only a child who has stopped crawling on all fours

and can stand without the help of a wall or loved one.

What I will be, I can only dream of the possible outcome, But who I will be depends on the way I mold this lump of clay which is me. We are all children in this world of success, and whether or not we became whatever it is we sought out to be Should not cause fear as soon as the mind treads on that thin line; Rather it should open doors on the definition of happiness And the outcome of your state of content in that moment in time or in when the last brown leaf of autumn falls to the land.


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