On the way to Kyoto

So for students I guess there is there is this ticket called a, “seishun juuhachi kippu”, which allows you to take the JR line anywhere within Japan.  Two friends and I decided to buy that pass and ride it to two destinations, Kyoto and Osaka. The ride because we were not taking any shikansen probably took around 10 hours to reach our destination. It was tiring but once you get towards Shizuoka the train’s seats became more comfy, like you actually get a seat and not a bench like thing.

What I liked most about the trip there was this book I bought in Asakusa called, “Japanese Made Funny,” by Tom Dillon. It’s about Gajin (foreigners) in Japan mistaking a Japanese word for another. It’s so hilarious, I was crying reading it on the train!!!

Second thing I like was the view of the beach I could see from my seat. There was even a point that I ran over to the other side of the train to see the ocean. It was breathtakingly beautiful. You can see it from my eighth video on my video page.

Third thing I like was…well…um…arriving in Kyoto. Kyoto Station really did seem like an airport.


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