In Kyoto

So we stayed at a hostel called “Renjishi” which was about thirty minutes away from Kyoto station. When we were taking the bus there we thought we were going to wrong way, but we weren’t. Funny thing though, we ended up getting lost once we reached the bus stop. We got off and totally didn’t know what was happening. Thank God we ran into a very nice lady who had two cute children with her. I swear, Japanese babies are sooo cute!! She helped us personally to find our hostel. Like she actually dropped her kids off, then came back on a bike to help us find our hostel.

Another funny thing, so I guess during the time we went the people of that area we having their summer events like lighting fireworks up and stuff. Erin’s bag, one of the people I came with, ended up losing a wheel back in Tokyo so her bag is like scrapping across the cement floor forever. So we ending up passing these kids and their parents or something lighting fireworks and here you hear Erin’s loud Azz scrapping dragging across. OMG it was sooo hilarious!! I tried not to laugh but it was so hard not to. Plus Kyoto is very still and quiet at night so her bag was extra loud.

Renjishi was a very comfy and nice Hostel. I recommend it to anyone by the way.

Our sight seeing spots

  • Kinkakuji, The Golden Pavillion (A MUST SEE)
  • Fushimi Inari (A MUST SEE) [If you don’t mind huge SPIDERS!!! D:]
  • Avanti, which I don’t have a picture of but it’s basically a shopping center near Kyoto station that a lot of young people hang at. I bought two cute purses there for about 500yen each, with is six or seven dollars in American money.
  • Kyomizu Temple (A MUST SEE)
  • Gion (A MUST SEE) Great place to buy soveniers and see lots of Maiko and Geisha





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