Back in Mitaka, Making friends

So I’m sorry for not posting anything. I’m such a loser. Sorry!!! Forgive me, yo lol. Now I’m going to start. Okay so now I am back in Mitaka, Tokyo at my school from a ten day vacation to Osaka and Kyoto which was very fun by the way, other than the idiocy that came along sometimes. But I ‘m not going to talk about my trip, not in this post, let me begin with what’s happening now. The details about my trip will be in another post.

The school year has not started yet. At the moment, I have just moved into my new dorm which is again Gingko House and went through orientation. Also the last couple of days has been me meeting people, which was the fun part because the way I see it, the best time to meet new people is during the beginning of the school year. After the first two weeks everything starts getting a little awkward, right? Lol. The Nihonjin (Japanese) are really nice and they are really warm to getting to know you, at least from the way I have been seeing it. The international students are also very cool to get to know so if you are thinking too much about the difficulty of making friends in Japan or at ICU in general just know that it will not be a problem AS LONG as you put yourself out there to be social.


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