I got the Scholarship Suckaz!!

So after being in a constant state of dread,

believing I was going to be in Japan practically starving

 myself to death because I wouldn’t have funds to cover it,

 I found out that I have been awarded the Gilman Scholarship!!

Yay me!

 I am so happy and I was jumping for joy last night when I found out.

I was screaming all over the place, but my dog was like, “what’s going on?”


 But yah, when I make videos for YouTube and such I’m going to talk more about the Gilamn Scholarship

 for all of you guys going to Japan

or other abroad countries. This Scholarship is a life saver,

but remember,

“you get what you put in”.

I worked my ass off 😉



For more info on the Scholarship, please log on to



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